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How to Choose a Donor

Welcome to Grace Donor Egg Agency.  We understand that choosing an egg donor is a process like no other, and it can feel a little overwhelming for many future parents.  We are here to assist you in choosing one of our wonderfully generous, gorgeous donors so you can complete your family with a child.

Why work with Grace Donor Egg Agency?

Egg Donation Knowledge

Our team has many years of collective experience planning and facilitating travelling donations, and we’ve worked with thousands of families worldwide to have the child they long for.

Egg Donation Global Experience

Grace Egg Donor Agency matches egg donors and families in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia.  We understand all facets of egg donation and work tirelessly to help families to find their perfect egg donor.

A Passion for People

We work with intelligent, talented, tenacious egg donors worldwide.  Our egg donor onboarding process involves a personal interview with every egg donor.


Because we want to get to know each egg donor so that when a recipient’s family asks us about her, we can give you insight into who she is.  Whether she is sporty, intellectual, artistic, altruistic or funny, our team has spent time with each egg donor so that we can get to know her.  This enables us to match recipient families to egg donors better and helps us support each donor individually.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Choosing Your Donor

The first and most inspiring step in completing your family with an egg donor is to choose the fabulous young lady who will assist you by donating her eggs. With years of experience matching families to egg donors, we have a few tips to help you with this process.

  • Put together a short-list of your top 3 attributes that you’d really like in your donor.
  • Be flexible on your other requirements to give yourself as many options as possible.
  • Choose a few donors you like as not all of the donors will be available to travel during your time frame.

Step 2: Donor Screening

Once you’ve chosen your egg donor and she has agreed to move forward with the donation, your donor will have a series of screening tests in her home country. These tests include AMH, blood work and psychological screening to ensure your donor is in the suitable emotional space to be a great donor.
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Step 3: Cycle Outline

Following the successful donor screening, Barbados IVF will issue a cycle outline which guides the dates for everything. This informs both the donor and us of all the important dates when to start her medication/have a blood test/travel etc and enables Grace Donor Egg Agency to take care of all of the planning and logistics. The donor starts her medication in her home country under our guidance.

Step 4: Donor Lands in Barbados

Just before her first scan, your lovely donor will land in Barbados, ready to begin the final ten days of the egg donation process. She will attend several clinic visits over this time so that Barbados IVF can monitor her egg development before the retrieval.

Your wonderful donor will then have a day or two to rest before flying back to her home.

Step 5: Transfer Takes Place

Finally, the clinic will fertilise the donor eggs and incubate several embryos before transferring them to your womb.

Find Your Perfect Egg Donor Match Today

If you would like us to send you the profiles of egg donors available to donate at Barbados IVF, please fill in this simple form, and we will be in touch shortly.

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