Donor Egg Recipient Stories

Grace Recipient Stories

Some of our wonderful Grace donor egg recipients have kindly shared their stories to give you an idea of their feelings and thought processes from beginning to end while going through the egg donor ivf process.

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On the eve of our sweet miracle baby’s birth, I just want to thank Melany and her team for truly going further thank the extra mile in making our 10 year dream, of becoming parents, come true. Thank you for making this emotional process so incredibly easy!! You are truly a kingpin in this new chapter we are entering and we honor you for that!


Just wanted to let you guys know that our baby boy was born a few days ago. He is absolutely divine and we are so glad we didn’t give up! He is the love of our life and just wanted to say a very big thank you to you and the team at Grace Donors.

Our experience through the whole process with Grace Donors was amazing!


Almost a year on and I’m a mummy to twins! They are 6 weeks old and absolutely complete my life. My husband I are so thankful for your help in creating our little miracles.
We will be back to try again with our frozen embryos, but not just yet as we are pretty busy (ha ha ha!)

I attach some pics of my son and daughter to say hello and thank you, please tell our egg donor just how amazing our babies are!


I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional support and guidance you’ve provided me throughout my journey of receiving donor eggs for IVF. From the moment you patiently explained the process to me, to the times you reassured me during my moments of doubt, your compassion and understanding have been a source of strength during this emotional process.

Your dedication to helping individuals like myself navigate the path to parenthood is truly remarkable and deeply appreciated. Thanks to your incredible assistance, I am now filled with a renewed sense of hope and optimism as I embark on this next chapter of my life.


To the Wonderful Team at Grace Egg Donors,

Words seem inadequate to express the depth of my gratitude for the unwavering support and exceptional guidance you offered on our path to parenthood. Facing the complexities of IVF with the hope of building a family was daunting, but Grace Egg Donors became more than just a resource – you became a beacon of light on this journey.

From the very beginning, your team’s empathy and professionalism shone through. The meticulous matching process instilled confidence that our chosen donor would be the right choice. Throughout the process, your communication was clear and timely, addressing any questions or concerns promptly and comprehensively. The educational resources provided were invaluable in understanding each step and navigating the emotional rollercoaster that often accompanies fertility treatments.

But what truly sets Grace Egg Donors apart is the genuine care and compassion you exuded. It was evident that you weren’t simply facilitating a procedure, but actively invested in helping dreams turn into reality. The unwavering support throughout the process allowed me to focus on the hopeful future ahead, knowing we were well-supported by your expertise.

Today, thanks in part to your incredible contributions, our family is blossoming in a way that wasn’t previously possible. Your role in this miracle is immeasurable, and the impact you have made on our lives will forever be cherished.

With heartfelt appreciation,